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My name is Emily deGrandpre and I am an antidisciplinary explorer / systems thinker with a brief background in architecture + art. Aside from the phenomenology of architecture and art, I think that personal relationships and time spent in less constructed environments are among some of the most powerful of ways to experience and discover meaning about our place in the world. Access to relation and in turn awareness and knowledagability about how to use resources mostly underlies our agency in any given environment. The question of agency asks us what we might do to sustain or grow the health and well being of ourselves and also if we can consider our own potential to assist others on their unique journey. Many kinds of participation require a delicate balancing of demands between your current time and future time and everyone else's current and future time. Right now, I seem to specialize in qualitative user experience (UX) research in physical and digital spaces. I'm also a person who likes to do many activities and will try to be creative amongst the constraints, which are often their own keys. I'm a very process oriented person who likes low stress gathering IRL, making physical artifacts, placemaking, and reorganizing + reinforcing the wonders of the mind through better question asking rather than answering to life as though it were a problem. As with my thinking, which is often existential in nature, this past year I was working on my cognitive, emotional, and physical freedom, er mobility. Now I'm realizing how I believe this doesn't have to have a high cost, monetarily, but it does take time (which our society currently equates with money) and so, I've been working on accepting the intersection of my own momentum / resistience, the development of my personal preferences without becoming too closed off, and managing the psychological effects of higher risk taking / complex decision making as core part of where I've been. It's hard to sort this kind of healing as purely therapeutic or trauama based work since a lot of the unlearning I did in the past 2 years fits into a larger body of creative work, the ability to care to construct new worlds as we continuously sensemake.

I'm currently working with Consortia on piecing together narratives to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Loeb Fellowship at the Harvard GSD. You can find the fellows here These fellows have provided a diverse set of socially engaged work in relation to the built environment.

Are.na is one of the places I tend to collect and organize my thoughts. As a platform that helps me think, I invite you to explore a couple channels I am currently making connections to.

2019 and Previously

I was interning at sidewalk labs, researching civic spaces, understanding the impact of participatory design in the UK, and learning more about the different domains, business models, and org structure challenges for the way ex Googlers would like to thought lead, fund, and partner on projects for smarter, more livable cities under technocapitalism.

Prior to Sidewalk I had a student internship at Metro 21 making 2D visual maps for pitching engineer led, R&D projects in the city of Pittsburgh.

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