Emily deGrandpre

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My name is Emily deGrandpre and I am an antidisciplinary designer with a background in architecture, specializing in user experience and communications research.


I am X and X. A few key themes that I am passionate about are transformation through participation and movement. can mean X, but I want to consider: what if we expanded the definition to also mean a product is X to Y? Can a product be Z without giving users agency and choice? Partly about ethics, I also think these topics start to ask better questions.

I have also conducted research on X, Y, and Z through working with "https://www.consortia.net/" target="_blank">Consortia to think on 50 year horizons for the Loeb Fellowship at the Harvard GSD. If you're curious about who we're interviewing, the Loeb Fellows are heree and will continue incoming to the program annually.

Are.na is one of the places I tend to collect and organize my thoughts. As a platform that helps me think, I invite you to explore a couple channels I am currently making connections to.


I was interning at sidewalk labs, researching civic spaces and learning about the different domains and challenges for smart cities, a core component to futures work.

For a full portfolio, including my research and case studies, please get in touch below.