I'm a creative strategist, writer, researcher, and multi-disciplinary designer working within communication frameworks. I have a knack for mapping out complexities, verbally and visually! My topics of interest include systems thinking, social infrastrucure, and transformation in our physical & digital environments. I currently work as a freelance editor, conducting interviews with Consortia. If you have ever explored your own ikigai, I'd love to hear more about that as well as what and how you enjoy creating!

Some fast facts? I graduated from architecture school at Carnegie Mellon (loved my courses across Design, Art, Human Computer Interaction, and the Entertainment Technology Center) in 2019 and then spent that summer researching civic spaces as an intern at Sidewalk Labs. Prior to that I explored internships like... maps at Metro21, 3D brand experiences at Jack Morton and learned a bit of sales analysis in the context of (community) solar energy. Many of my work expereinces have led me to question... What does a more collaborative, more sustainable, more imaginative future look like? How is it developed? Who's involved? Even better, how can we get more of the right people in the same 'making things happen' space?

Previously, I was 1/4 of the Notion Pro organizers for NYC. More recently, I'm working out of a Redhook based, design build studio that serves custom builds and interiors for Brooklyn and beyond, and for the past year, I have been amplifying the events and voices of Sustainable Brooklyn. More low key, I host bi monthly Figma Parties and bounce ideas around with the collective groups called Bugs & Brews, Tiny Factories, GenZMafia, and an upcoming launch with Ampersand.

A fraction of my work can be viewed here and you can peep my Linkedin.