Hi there!
I'm a creative strategist and an anti-disciplinary designer working within communication and complexity. My topics of interest include social infrastrucure, community spaces, and the processes of change in both digital and physical environments. I currently work as a freelance editor doing interview projects and documentation at Consortia.net. I'd love to hear about your ikigai.

Some fun facts? I graduated from architecture school at Carnegie Mellon (courses across the Design, Art, HCI, and the ETC) in 2019 and then spent that summer researching civic spaces as an intern at Sidewalk Labs. Prior to that I explored internships like... maps at Metro21, 3D brand experiences at Jack Morton and learned a bit of sales analysis in the context of (community) solar energy which led to my interest in public utilities.
Many of my expereinces have led me to question... What does a more collaborative, more sustainable, more imaginative future look like? How is it developed? Who's involved? Even better, how can we get more of the right people in the same 'making things happen' space?

Previously, I was 1/4 of the Notion Pro organizers for NYC. More recently, I've started volunteering as the communications lead connecting Alumni over at CMU Tech Entrepreneurship New York (TENY) and coming up on a year, I have been amplifying the events and voices of Sustainable Brooklyn. More low key, I am ideating with Tiny Factories, GenZMafia, Ampersand.

A fraction of my work can be peeped here